Andrew Square
Time Capsule

Andrew Station MBTA

Red Line Station

South Boston, MA

10’ cx 10’ cube of information
suspended above the subway tracks

Project Team

Conceived and designed with the assistance of over 650 contributing community collaborators.

Research supported by the MBTA.

Project Architect & Site Design

Bill Grover

Public Art Project Artist
Assistants & Collaborators

Beth Enson


Sarah Kuehl

Susie Reiss

Paul Cabana

Shannon Flattery

John Powell

Construction Management



view from street level of light well above subway station

A full size table and chair set forms an imaginary conversation site that is  suspended within boxes containing collected community items and floating above a map of South Boston made from a copper plumbing pipe

Two-years of outreach with members of the South Boston and Dorchester communities resulted in a collection of stories, documenta and objects teling of local culture, history, daily activities and aspirations for the future.

14 stainless steel time capsule boxes contain over 2300 items donated by the community.

All aspects of initial concept and planning through to final specifications completed in collaboration with MBTA station architects and structural engineers.

Production of maps and enameled steel graphic panels provide explanation of the project along the walls of the underground section of the station.

Project includes restoration of the original toll collector booth and return of the booth to the station.

Events of local significance are presented on copper and fiberglass text panels suspended along the edges of the cube frame.